275 Mainstream Things that are Also Pretty Metal

crocs suck

You know what really pisses me off?

The mentality that just because something is “mainstream,” it’s immediately bad.


As much as I love the “alternative” universe, I understand that plenty of the things which become popular with the masses are also pretty awesome.

Just to prove my point, here’s a gigantic list of things which are both mainstream (or, becoming mainstream), AND metal.

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7 Metal Hair Colors for Fall and Early Winter


The cold weather has finally struck, and it’s absolutely lovely.  Additionally, November and December are totally some of the best months for high fashion looks.

But, as we adjust our wardrobes for that late fall and early winter chill, we have to ask ourselves which colors we can actually dye our hair during this time of year.  Since pastels are a no-go in the current weather, what colors can we use while staying in season and still keeping our edge?

Your question is about to be answered.  Start thinking about how you’re going to keep up with your roots, because the punk rock hair color list you need is right here.

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