Have you ever been told that you can’t wear white after Labor Day?  Furthermore, do you try your best to comply with that rule?

Well, did you know that you have the option of not observing it anymore?

That’s right – it’s not the worst thing in the world to wear white in the fall and winter.  In fact, it’s really stunning during the chilly months.


Here’s why you should break the rule and wear white after summer ends anyways.


Gucci: bold, stunning… strange.

Every single month, I open up my brand new Vogue, carefully flip through those gorgeous photography spreads, and come to an abrupt halt when I see the Gucci advertisements.


I can never tell if what I’m gazing at leans more towards high fashion or extravagant artwork – Gucci’s advertisements are consistently that spectacular.

Gucci Fall Winter 2010.11 05.jpg

Of course, like any other label, Gucci has moments when it sticks to the basics; other times, it lets its Gucci flag fly high.  They have ad campaigns that don’t, by any means, scream about Gucci’s quirkier side, but they’ve also had plenty which smack you in the face with it.


When I encounter the latter, I can never help but wonder – what exactly is the Gucci aesthetic?



Fashion {noun}: a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

Act I


We’ve already discussed fashion as art, so let’s delve into art as fashion.

There’s probably a fine line between fashion and art, but it’s one that’s just about impossible to dig up; that’s why the two bleed into each other more often than not.

But if fashion is art, can art also be fashion?

Yes.  In fact, it already is.



It’s no secret that I’m constantly endorsing matte lipsticks.  I mean, they’re absolutely stunning and have single-handedly combated some of the greatest evils of the fashion world.

But seeing as I’m constantly peer-pressuring my lovely readers into going all matte, I may owe you guys an explanation.

This entry exists to atleast somewhat explain to you guys why my allegiance is everlasting.

So, here’s why I voted matte.


Lee Alexander McQueen was like the other high-end designers in some ways, but estranged from them in others.

Google the top designers in the world – you’ll notice that the first Alexander McQueen photos which pop up are a bit darker and quirkier in aesthetic than what you’d find with the vast majority of other designers.02-HornofPlenty-AnneDeniau.jpg

As it so happens, this is a blog that cherishes imaginative and dark twists more than anything, and so anything Alexander McQueen always has a home here.

That brings us to the topic of this entry: Lee Alexander McQueen’s famed Savage Beauty exhibition.