7 Metal Hair Colors for Fall and Early Winter


The cold weather has finally struck, and it’s absolutely lovely.  Additionally, November and December are totally some of the best months for high fashion looks.

But, as we adjust our wardrobes for that late fall and early winter chill, we have to ask ourselves which colors we can actually dye our hair during this time of year.  Since pastels are a no-go in the current weather, what colors can we use while staying in season and still keeping our edge?

Your question is about to be answered.  Start thinking about how you’re going to keep up with your roots, because the punk rock hair color list you need is right here.

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Your Guide to Foliage

Why settle for floral when you can strive for foliage?  Foliage is edgier, and edgier is always better.

In fact, according to the November 2017 Issue of Vogue, “foliage is the new floral”.


Let’s start with the basics – what’s the difference between floral and foliage?

Well, floral describes “a fabric with floral design”, whereas foliage is a term used for “plant leaves, collectively”.

In other words, petals are out, and leaves are in.

To stay on trend, it’s important to know what’s what.  That’s why this entry exists: to be your quick and easy guide to Foliage 101.

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3 Specific Times Rihanna was a Modern-Day Fashion Queen

Twitter has lost its mind – yet again.  But this time, Twitter’s gone wild for a great reason – because it’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not.


Apparently, this is news.

I’m not sure why it’s taken people so long to realize that Rihanna is our angelic queen of fashion, but I’m ecstatic that she’s finally getting her due recognition.

I mean, look at her.

Rihanna takes the hideous and transforms it into fashion that’s actually wearable – well, for her, atleast.

Bless her and her magic touch.

And so, this is a shrine dedicated to three of Rihanna’s [many] fashion feats, organized as BR (before Rihanna) and AR (after Rihanna).

And yes, I am jamming out to Rihanna as I write this (duh).

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5 Unisex Ways to Stay Classic, Cozy, and Chic this Fall


Autumn is spectacular. 

It’s the absolute best time to work complex outfits – it’s not too hot for boots, knee-highs, and jackets, but it’s not so cold that you have to conceal your fashion creations under bulky winter jackets.

So, carpe diem: seize the day, seize the season, and seize the opportunity to style it up.  This medium-chilly weather doesn’t last forever, so embrace it while you still can.

Not sure how to make the most of this season’s fashion?  Don’t fret – these are 5 gender-liberated ways to nail classic fall fashion.

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5 Reasons Why All Cats are Supermodels


Maybe you have a feline residing in your household, or maybe you don’t.  Either way, you have to be fully aware by now that cats are gorgeous creatures.  If you’re not, then you’re probably just in severe denial.

Cats are born to be supermodels.  I don’t even care if that’s a generalization – it’s the truth.  They enter each of their nine lives ready to scorch up the runway, and they don’t spare a single peasant when they decide it’s their time to conquer.

It’s another story entirely that too many of them are wasting their potential chasing dust bunnies, but that’s all about to change.  Felines are turning the modeling world upside down.

Here’s why.

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5 Captivating Fashion Blogs

One of the crazy things about being a blogger is that you’ll continuously find yourself on other bloggers’ pages.  And on that journey from Point A to Point J, you’ll occasionally get wrapped up in another person’s unique take on fashion and the world.


Everyone in the fashion world thrives off of one another – whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly being influenced by everything we read, hear, and see.  In some manner, we all contribute to the thought processes and creations of others.

Furthermore, we grow the most when we explore the unknown – and the Internet really enables us to do just that.

And so, without further ado, here are 5 fashion blogs that I am thrilled were among my recent Point J’s.

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