This blog post originates from a Twitter rant I posted earlier on today.

A post weight-loss photo.

The best thing I ever for myself did was take control of my life back in late 2016. I finally lost my weight (I put on 40 pounds during a rather dark period of my life), cleaned up my eating, escaped law school (even after having the blessed opportunity of interning in a Los Angeles law firm, I still had to admit that the legal profession wasn’t for me), worked a creative internship in NYC last fall (I actually started two others internships, but had to quit for personal reasons), started my MMA training, focused on my writing, got a big ol’ tattoo, took the GRE, applied for M.A./M.F.A. programs, and more.


“So, tell me… what’s your trick to losing all that weight?”

“Just between you and me, how did you really lose so much weight?”

These are the types of questions I get pretty often these days [ever since I successfully dropped the many, many pounds I accumulated in my final few semesters of college and dropped 10 pant sizes]. 

amaranthineAside from a few close, loved ones, I’ve basically stopped trying to answer these inquiries because no one really likes what I have to say.  My response to these questions usually revolves around words like “discipline”, “hard-work”, “exercise”, “clean eating”, “patience”, and “accountability”.  

Needless to say, this isn’t what most of the people sliding into my DMs want to hear.  A lot of people want “easy” and “glamorous” – they want one of those magical pills or mysterious fruits that you see splashed all over Twitter by popular accounts.  I honestly can’t blame them; life is busy, and we all have some tedious responsibilities on our shoulders.  It’s not easy to add a weight loss journey into an already saturated, tiring schedule.   


Trends are tough, and there are so many questions that come with them.

When do you follow the trends?  When should you make the investment in them?  How do you know how long they’ll last?

Unless you’re knee-deep in the fashion world, identifying and keeping up with the trends can be extremely difficult (although it’s not always a cake walk when you’re a fashion blogger either).  There’s so many of them, and they’re all always growing, diminishing, and going in and out of style at varying rates.

emma watson burberry

These are tricky waters to navigate, but they are perfectly manageable. That’s why this entry exists: to help you determine when you should get involved with what’s on-trend and when you should just take a hard pass.

When it’s a practical fit for your lifestyle

As I frequently emphasize, fashion that makes you feel awkward or out of place never works.  That’s why you should never follow a trend if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

Is your dark hair feeling pretty dried out and seems like it needs some serious moisturizing attention?  Then you’ll probably be doing it a great injustice by leaping across the color spectrum to dye it silver.

Are you a corporate CEO who basically lives in suits?  Then daily sportswear streetstyle probably won’t have the opportunity to play a big role in your life.  Consider letting it go.

Never force yourself to wear anything that isn’t practical for you.


When it’s affordable


We can’t break the bank every time something new comes into style – we’d be consistently broke, and we’d probably need to invest even more cash in public storage space.

Furthermore, fashion should never be pushed where it’s not affordable.  Just because a designer has some new, expensive piece out doesn’t mean that you are expected to buy it.  If your piggy-bank seems nervous, don’t bust out the big bucks for a trend that’ll be over in about two months.  You may end up regretting it.

If you do want to spend that money and you’re not sure if you should, ask yourself if this the trend you’re about to invest it seems like it’ll survive for atleast a year. The main indicator of trend longevity is usually that the look is gloriously simple, yet stunningly sleek – no one will be too quick to toss anything like that to the wayside, especially in the current fashion climate.


When you actually dig the trend

Don’t wear it if you don’t love it – it’s that simple.

Only bother with the trends you crave.  Trends aren’t mandatory, so why treat them as such?  You’re wasting your time if you try to make high fashion happy. 

Fashion works for you  – it’s not the other way around.  Let it make you content.


When it supplements your confidence


I’ve stressed this before, and I’ll continue to do so: nothing is more fashionable than confidence.  If your outfit doesn’t give you that, then it has to go.

Trends must abide by the same rule – if it doesn’t breed confidence, then don’t become invested in it. 

Remember: fashion isn’t enjoyable if you’re not loving what you’re rocking.


When what’s in style positively influences you

If the trend inspires you in any way, whether that’s regarding your fashion sense or even your approach to the day ahead, it’s a keeper.

Fashion should always add something positive to your life – if what you’re wearing is failing to do that, then there’s no point in bothering with it.  You call the shots; fashion is just there to encourage you.


If a trend just isn’t going to work for you, don’t stress out about it – there’s plenty of other trends to choose from, and there’s plenty more to come.  There’s something out there for everyone, so just be patient.

In the meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for what’s happening in the fashion world and what’s coming next.  If you’re ever not sure what to watch for, just check out what the trendiest stores have in stock and what fashion magazines have to say about the current styles.

Now, forgive me for the cheese, but remember that at the end of the day, the trendiest thing you can do is be yourself. 

Keep that in mind and you’ll always be on-trend.

Once again, you gaze into your closet and say, “UGHHHHH.  I have nothing to wear.  I really need to go shopping.”

If another person is present, they might say, “There is literally tons of clothing right in front of us.  You have more than enough to wear.”

This person’s statement is beyond frustrating, and you really and truly meant what you groaned – your wardrobe might as well be empty.

However, as irritating as that person is, they’re probably right: we have plenty to wear – we just don’t want to wear it.  Worse yet, we’ve seen our clothes far too often and we’ve utterly ceased to see their potential.


Regardless, being confident and satisfied with our outfits is crucial for survival in this world – we need to feel our best to be our best.

So, listen to that person’s infuriating voice of reason and give your wardrobe another chance – they obviously see something that works, so maybe that outfit you need really is in there.  It may not be the one you imagined for yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be spectacular.

That’s why we’re going to combat the “Nothing to Wear” syndrome right here, right now.