275 Mainstream Things that are Also Pretty Metal

crocs suck

You know what really pisses me off?

The mentality that just because something is “mainstream,” it’s immediately bad.


As much as I love the “alternative” universe, I understand that plenty of the things which become popular with the masses are also pretty awesome.

Just to prove my point, here’s a gigantic list of things which are both mainstream (or, becoming mainstream), AND metal.

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5 Fashion Sins of the 2000s


If there’s anything I can really stick to my guns about, it’s the fact that fashion in the 2000s was a complete and utter disaster.

In fact, the best thing that ever happened to us was the arrival of the 2010s, which quickly made up for the agony we unknowingly endured throughout the previous decade.


Here’s a list of the biggest fashion errors of the 2000s.  Read them, know them, and never, EVER live them.

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