Isn’t it intriguing how the word “humanity” is used to describe virtue, and yet, human beings are notorious for ultimately destroying just about everything we touch? 

Exhibit A: Mother Earth.

Exhibit B: Each other.

There’s no denying it — human beings are curious creatures.  For a species which perpetually glorifies goodness, we tend to do an awful lot of crooked things.  Still, the question remains: are human beings plagued by evil, or are we actually the plague in ourselves?   (more…)

“Wait, that’s all drugstore makeup?! I don’t believe you.”

That’s the common, slightly disdainful, rather surprised-sounding question I frequently find directed at me by my stunning, Sephora-queen friends, accompanied by their utter disbelief.

The answer to their inquiry, 9 times out of 10, is YES! This is all drugstore makeup!

{Just to clarify, when I say “drugstore makeup”, I mean drugstore makeup and random stuff I find on Amazon at 2 o’clock in the morning.}


In case you haven’t heard, lingerie has finally trickled down into ordinary, daily style.  And, of course, the Kardashians are more than partially responsible for this daring and present-day trend.

Here’s the low-down:  deeply-plunging bustiers and silky camisoles are blouses; decorative slips and unflinching leg garter stockings are now visible pieces of regular outfits.  Corsets and hosiery are everywhere, and risqué sheer is in.


Lingerie as daily wear is an outstanding fashion statement.  It’s gorgeous, it’s bold, and sometimes, it’s even gothic.

However, attempting to incorporate lingerie into your street style can be extremely intimidating – it’s hard to know what goes and what doesn’t.  And yet, you don’t want to miss out on this dazzling fashion opportunity because of nerves.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry anymore – this guide has you covered.