The saga of my MMA fight training continues.

And let me tell you — man, do I love fight training.  It’s been glorious so far, and I’ve enjoyed each new skill I’ve learned, each opportunity to drill the same thing over and over again for the sake of gradual [but sure] improvement, the whole blood/sweat/tears “ordeal”, personal fitness developments, learning new things about the human psych, and feeling better and better about myself along the way. 

Yes, I’m being serious — I really and truly do love all of these things (even the blood/sweat/tears part).

amaranthineBut MMA really is an all-in type of a thing.  I spend most of my day sweaty, frizzy, grungy, and sans makeup.  When I’m not training, I’m at home… being clean, grungy, and sans makeup; I’m not usually looking all that glamorous as I run the Instagram (@EyebrowsandRoses) and this very blog.  There was a time when you could find me spinning content from a cutesy coffee shop, decked out in winged eyeliner, liquid lipstick, and a well-planned outfit, but those days are now a distant memory.

Fight training has affected me, a fashion and beauty blogger, in those very two departments: fashion and beauty.  In fact, when I started training, I kept joking that I was “sacrificing” them to do MMA.  

But now, I realize that what was originally a bunch of [hardly reluctant] “sacrifices” has shape-shifted into a new type of aesthetic altogether.  It’s not sacrifice — it’s change.  (more…)

“So, tell me… what’s your trick to losing all that weight?”

“Just between you and me, how did you really lose so much weight?”

These are the types of questions I get pretty often these days [ever since I successfully dropped the many, many pounds I accumulated in my final few semesters of college and dropped 10 pant sizes]. 

amaranthineAside from a few close, loved ones, I’ve basically stopped trying to answer these inquiries because no one really likes what I have to say.  My response to these questions usually revolves around words like “discipline”, “hard-work”, “exercise”, “clean eating”, “patience”, and “accountability”.  

Needless to say, this isn’t what most of the people sliding into my DMs want to hear.  A lot of people want “easy” and “glamorous” – they want one of those magical pills or mysterious fruits that you see splashed all over Twitter by popular accounts.  I honestly can’t blame them; life is busy, and we all have some tedious responsibilities on our shoulders.  It’s not easy to add a weight loss journey into an already saturated, tiring schedule.   


Let’s talk about body hair.  More specifically, let’s discuss body hair removal… mainly, as it applies to women.

I’m actually seriously starving after my morning fight training, and usually I dash to my fridge for food the moment my post-gym shower has concluded.

AmaranthineBut today was different because a thought struck me as I shaved my legs in the shower just now, a thought that made me run straight to my laptop to write this blog entry.

Why is it even a societal norm for women to be hairless [aside from their mane, eyebrows, and eyelashes, I mean]?  Where did that idea even come from in the first place?

Men and women both have natural body hair, so how did it become such that females are “supposed” to make themselves appear hairless at all given times while men get to keep their body hair all-natural?

Well, while dealing with the annoyance that is running a razor blade over my knees about fifteen minutes ago, I came up with a literal “shower thought” theory:


Once again, you gaze into your closet and say, “UGHHHHH.  I have nothing to wear.  I really need to go shopping.”

If another person is present, they might say, “There is literally tons of clothing right in front of us.  You have more than enough to wear.”

This person’s statement is beyond frustrating, and you really and truly meant what you groaned – your wardrobe might as well be empty.

However, as irritating as that person is, they’re probably right: we have plenty to wear – we just don’t want to wear it.  Worse yet, we’ve seen our clothes far too often and we’ve utterly ceased to see their potential.


Regardless, being confident and satisfied with our outfits is crucial for survival in this world – we need to feel our best to be our best.

So, listen to that person’s infuriating voice of reason and give your wardrobe another chance – they obviously see something that works, so maybe that outfit you need really is in there.  It may not be the one you imagined for yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be spectacular.

That’s why we’re going to combat the “Nothing to Wear” syndrome right here, right now.


Have you ever been told that you can’t wear white after Labor Day?  Furthermore, do you try your best to comply with that rule?

Well, did you know that you have the option of not observing it anymore?

That’s right – it’s not the worst thing in the world to wear white in the fall and winter.  In fact, it’s really stunning during the chilly months.


Here’s why you should break the rule and wear white after summer ends anyways.


It’s been said that leather pants are armor: physically and psychologically.  Are they armor?  Furthermore, I want to know: are they also weapons? Those answers, of course, vary based on the person and their corresponding sentiment.

But at the same time, there’s nothing cooler than leather [or for some of us, pleather] pants.  They’re sleek, they’re tough, they’re adventurous, and they’re chic.  They’re an indispensable fashion staple that will always make any person look satisfyingly dangerous.