Hello, Harem Pants!

So, I kind of did a funny thing a few weeks back.  But for me to explain it to you (you probably won’t find it that funny, to be honest), I need to provide some light background.

fashion blogI traveled to India with the following game plan – hang out in New Delhi and its surrounding areas for a few days, spend a weekend in Mumbai with the extended family, and return to New Delhi for another week.

Here’s what actually happened – I hung out in New Delhi and its surrounding areas for a few days, spent a weekend in Mumbai with the extended family, and then didn’t actually leave to go back to New Delhi.

Yeah, I know. That’s a wild story.

Why am I telling you guys this?  Well, because I didn’t mean to stay in Mumbai, I left about 95% of the stuff I brought to India in New Delhi. I was there in Mumbai armed with my makeup, electronics, medications, and like 3-4 pairs of clothes with very specific purposes (lounging, meeting the Pope at a nightclub, etc.).

My lack of apparel supply meant that I’d become the fusion piece for about five of my relatives’ clothing – one male cousin’s old, grungy t-shirts, and just about everything else from a few of the females in the family.

I’ll be the first to admit that my style and aesthetic are just insanely different from those of all of the loaning females here.  I alternate between tomboy and Kardashian-esque – I generally wear dark colors and neutrals, delicately baggy jeans, men’s sweatpants, boy shirts and v-necks with rolled up sleeves, pleather jackets and boots, and pretty sleek dresses (I know, I know – I’ve become kind of pathetic for a fashion blogger).

The girls in Mumbai dress pretty differently.  Since Indian culture puts a strong emphasis on wearing colors and it’s just, like, really hot out there, they wear a lot of bright colors, including pinks, greens, and other colors you won’t see me wearing too often, and their clothes tend to be of a thinner material and more “flowy”.  Fashion sandals are the norm there, and there’s waaaaaaaaay more kinds than anyone who lives in a chilly climate [like myself] can ever really know.

And so, in borrowing everyone’s clothes, I also ended up borrowing their aesthetics.

And let me tell you – it’s been an experience!

My alter ego got a chance to come out for a few days, but something she nor my normal self anticipated was falling head over heels in love with harem pants.

Yeah, that’s right – I said harem pants.  The grunge, goth, tomboy, dark aesthetic chick just said she’s become crazy about harem pants.

Life happens, and sometimes that means completely deviating from our aesthetic by smiling in a photo or, like, digging harem pants instead of faded jeans and plaid skirts.

Here’s why harem pants really and truly are all that.

1. These things are really pretty.

I’m not going to lie — I feel like royalty everytime I wear harem pants.  They’re absolutely gorgeous!  It’s an extremely different feeling from wearing man sweatpants and grungy jeans all the time… but then again, it’s a significantly altered aesthetic as well.

Don’t let the word “pretty” fool you, though.  “Pretty” and “metal” aren’t mutually exclusive – your outfit can be both!

2. Jasmine wore them.

Image retrieved from www.wikipedia.org.

Jasmine in Aladdin wore them, and she slayed everyday.  Her harem pants aren’t just classic — they’re iconic… just like her!

Princess Jasmine is legendary — there’s no debate about it.  I would say about 99% of that is due to her fierce personality, and the other 1% that managed to squeeze in is a result of her harem pants.  She does “being royal” justice with her strong sense of fashion.

Disney generally makes sure its princesses have fabulous outfits, and harem pants clearly made the cut for Princess Jasmine.

If she’s super behind harem pants, then we probably should all be.  Princess Jasmine knows best.

I’m going to stop rambling — you guys got the point.

That’s all that really needs to be said on that topic.  Don’t @ me.

3. They can go with combat boots.

combat boots
Image retrieved from www.wheretoget.it.

Harem pants aren’t restricted to being paired only with sandals. I’ve been scouring the Internet to get the downlow on these godsent things, and I’ve figured out that in some cases, they can work with combat boots.

I’m not even kidding – don’t rule out combat boots.

But, don’t neglect the fact that I’ve been using the word “can”.  This means that only some harem pants can go with combat boots.  I would advise pairing plain harem pants in dark shades and neutrals with black combat boots.  Dark brown combat boots could work with plain white harem pants or maybe even black ones, depending on the rest of the outfit.

If you really can’t resist patterned pants, black or dark brown combat boots can potentially go with some black-backgrounded, white-patterned harems.  It’s a risk, but it could pay off.  Use your best judgment.

4. They can also go with sneakers.

Plain harem pants in dark shades and neutrals can also go with certain sneakers (notice the use of the word “can” again, accompanied this time around by “certain”).

I advise kicks that are big and bulky with flat bottoms (think: hip-hop sneakers).  Subtle colors or flashy ones can work here – just remember to only wear them with harems that are plain (sans patterns).

5. They’re flattering at the waist and with crop tops.

harem pants
Here I am in a Just Strong sports bra and, you guessed it! Harem pants.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that harem pants could make Winnie the Pooh look like he has a slender waist underneath that crop top of his.

The cut of harems and the slim, but stretchy waist give a relaxed but flattering fit that doesn’t squeeze your stomach up.  This, in turn, gives you a more confident base for wearing a crop top – the kind where you won’t be worrying about how your tummy looks every few minutes.

Harem pants are a great way to rock your curves without the awkwardness and discomfort of overly tight, constricting clothing.

6. They’re airy.

Harem pants have a light, flowy material that are great for hot weather. They protect your skin from the world without getting overheated.  If you’re hanging out in areas of the world where shorts and  shorts dresses are frowned upon, but you don’t feel like dealing with jeans, tight, sweatpants, etc., you can easily opt out for the ever-stylish harem pants.

7. They’re insanely comfortable.

loungewearI never want to sleep in anything that’s not harem pants again.  Not only are these things regal, gorgeous, flattering, stylish, and airy, but they also come with a new level of comfort.

You can be comfortable when you go out without looking like a bum, and you can also be a bum in them at home.  This means no more wiggling out of your jeans the minute you enter your house after a long day – just plop down on your bed and turn on Netflix in your super rad harem pants.

In summary, you’ll be seeing me rocking harem pants from now on… even if I am a few years late on welcoming them into my life.

I’m sold on these things. Amazon already received a big old harem pants order from me, and I’m not even remotely sorry about it.

Hello, harem pants!


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