99%IS’s Bajowoo Kicks High Fashion Up a Notch

Seoul’s celebrated Bajowoo absolutely slayed 99%IS’s Spring 2018 collection.

In fact, he went full metal with it – the runway debut of the collection absolutely screams rebellion, and Vogue even went so far as to describe the corresponding photo shoot as “the most sublime, subversive fashion shoot in Seoul”.

As usual, Vogue is not wrong.


The collection in itself is splendid – its essence is mainly that of insubordinate minimalism.  There were a few exceptions, but the overall vibe of the line is steely, serious, and nearly extraterrestrial.


Bajowoo spared no resources when it came to metallics and gloss, but played a different game with his color palette – other than a few vivid reds and a blue/pink ensemble, the color scheme was very reserved and stuck to neutral and near-neutral shades.

The accessories were also nothing short of quirky and otherworldly.  Some of the models wore masks, hoods, and hats that nearly concealed their faces; others were decorated in thin glow lights on their heads, necks, and/or torsos.


The style here is extraordinarily high fashion dark grunge, as made obvious by the black tarp floor used in Boon the Shop’s basement for the runway show.


Furthermore, the boutique’s architectural style made yet another declaration for the collection – designed by Peter Marino, the exterior of the building is a classic, establishment-friendly white marble.  However, the basement, where the runway show took place, consists of incomplete columns and rough concrete.  From the inside out, Boon the Shop was the perfect setting for the live action production of Bajowoo’s collection.


Bajowoo has, once again, revealed how shocking the product of classic apparel renovation can be – this is a creative talent that the fashion industry will never grow wary of.


Ethereal, ground-breaking, and unremorseful, Bajowoo’s 99%IS Spring 2018 collection is a reminder to us all to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Most importantly, it reminds us to never apologize for being punk rock.


Photo credits

Features Image: 99%IS

First Image: 99%IS

Second Image: 99%IS

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Fifth Image: Vogue

Sixth Image: 99%IS




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