Everything Incredible about Charlotte Russe’s “Velvet Everything” Collection

Just in case I haven’t managed to make it clear by now, this blog absolutely adores all things velvet.


That’s why, here in Amaranthine LandCharlotte Russe’s featured “Velvet Everything” collection is such a huge deal.  It’s everything that any velvet-lover could ever dream of [and then some].


I’ll be honest; I despised velvet when I was growing up.  But, when velvet made its recent comeback, it did so with such irresistible elegance that I finally had to embrace its beauty.

And so, now that I’m all hyped about velvet, I’m going to spread the holy word and tell you guys all about why Charlotte Russe’s “Velvet Everything” collection is pure fire.

1. They have just about everything you could ever want, and they have all of it in velvet.


That’s right – velvet isn’t just about t-shirts, tank tops, and skirts anymore.

Charlotte Russe’s “Velvet Everything” collection has a wide array of dress styles, blouses, pants, and jumpsuits.  Charlotte Russe also included shorts, bodysuits, purses, leggings, hoodies, jogger pants, undergarments, and a few instances of velvet meets sheer.

Most amazingly, they even broke out the velvet shoes.  And it’s not just one pair – there’s combat boots, those streetwear-style gym shoes, stilettos, and more.


Velvet shoes, you guys.  VELVET SHOES.


2. There’s remarkable color variation.


Charlotte Russe took all of the colors and crushed them up into velvet.  If you thought you had a favorite color before, wait until you see it in its velvet form – it’s out of this world.

You don’t really know your colors until you’ve viewed them in velvet – the vibrancy is astonishing, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Plus, velvet is somehow even more remarkable in amaranthine, and Charlotte Russe definitely didn’t omit it from the collection.


3. The collection is year-round.


In a stroke of sheer brilliance, Charlotte Russe decided not to limit their “Velvet Everything” to warm or cold weather apparel; instead, they created something for every season and every temperature.  This way, Charlotte Russe customers have the option of relishing the sanctity of velvet in the spring, the summer, the fall, and even the winter.


Furthermore, these styles aren’t all just for going out on a Saturday night – there’s plenty of pieces included for Tuesday afternoons, Thursday evenings, and Sunday mornings as well.


4. They’ve included patterns you’d never have even imagined seeing in velvet.


Plain velvet is stunning on its own, but Charlotte Russe went ahead and took it to the next level – now you can savor your stripes, your floral, your leopard print, and more… in velvet form!

Charlotte Russe knows that fashion can always be taken one step further, and they never hesitate to take that leap.  They’re amazing.


5. It’s velvet (duh).



Velvet is shiny, vivid, and extremely grunge chic [via irony].

It’s gorgeous – end of story.

The “Velvet Everything” collection is actually everything.  Charlotte Russe really stepped on the fashion gas pedal this time – they weren’t playing when they threw in the word “everything”.

And so – go regal: rock some velvet.


All photos used in this entry are the property of Charlotte Russe.


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