5 Ways to Conquer the “Nothing to Wear” Syndrome this Fall

Once again, you gaze into your closet and say, “UGHHHHH.  I have nothing to wear.  I really need to go shopping.”

If another person is present, they might say, “There is literally tons of clothing right in front of us.  You have more than enough to wear.”

This person’s statement is beyond frustrating, and you really and truly meant what you groaned – your wardrobe might as well be empty.

However, as irritating as that person is, they’re probably right: we have plenty to wear – we just don’t want to wear it.  Worse yet, we’ve seen our clothes far too often and we’ve utterly ceased to see their potential.


Regardless, being confident and satisfied with our outfits is crucial for survival in this world – we need to feel our best to be our best.

So, listen to that person’s infuriating voice of reason and give your wardrobe another chance – they obviously see something that works, so maybe that outfit you need really is in there.  It may not be the one you imagined for yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be spectacular.

That’s why we’re going to combat the “Nothing to Wear” syndrome right here, right now.

Okay, so… you have nothing to wear.

But are you sure about that?  Like, really sure?


Check again.  You have options.

1. Never underestimate the power of simplicity – minimalism is chic. Slip on an oversized [but flattering] sweater or sweatshirt with some black tights and medium to long boots (bonus tip: off-the-shoulder sweaters are extra fabulous here).

This look is currently the bread and butter of looking great without putting too much thought into it.  Give it a try; it’s so easy and stylish.


2. Grab a simple, neat t-shirt and a pair of plain jeans (skinny, boyfriend, mid-rise, or high-waisted), slacks, or tights. Pull on a cardigan, blazer, or [p]leather jacket and some boots, heels, or sleek flats that are appropriate for the specific outfit you chose to go with.

Modern and traditional win the race.


3. The beauty of dresses is that you don’t have to worry about finding two pieces of clothing that go together – the job is already done. When in doubt, pull on a dress, a long cardigan or coat, and some boots or dress shoes with knee-high socks.

Classic never goes out of style.


4. These days, skinny, dark-colored sweatpants can be dressy enough for a day outing – you get extra points if they’re mid- or high-waisted.

Cook up an ensemble with a crop top or shorter-length t-shirt, converse or canvas shoes, and a [p]leather jacket to make the look polished and non-bummy.

Relaxation is pretty chic now – and thank goodness for that.


5. Tuck a plain-colored top into a high-waisted skirt; complete the look with a cardigan. This works staggeringly well with knee-/thigh-high boots, dress shoes with knee-/thigh-high socks/stockings, or stilettos.

After all, skirts are lovely and timeless; don’t be too eager to forget about them.


So, fear not – whenever your fashion future feels bleak, remember that the basics are always there to pull you through.

Just be resourceful, open-minded, and bold – if you can pull that off, the outfit choices are endless.

You’re not settling; you’re improvising.  And that’s awesome.




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