The Burn Book is Back, and it’s Full of Makeup

The hot pink Burn Book from Mean Girls was pretty adorable and purely evil.  It’s become a generational icon – and no one’s really sorry about it.

That’s why Storybook Cosmetics just dropped the actual fetchest Burn Books in the halls of North Shore High School [and, of course, the Internet].


Even though Mr. Duvall is freaking out and seriously questioning his career choices, the plot twist here is worth it because the Burn Books are full of makeup.

That’s right, Storybook Cosmetics has delivered – yet again.  They’ve given us Burn Book eye shadows to rock in the North Shore gym… until 4 PM.


The Burn Book makeup set has 12 blessed and catty shades within its classic encasing.

  1. “Is butter a carb?” is a fabulous, buttery gold shade.
  2. “Grool” is shimmery lime green glory.
  3. “Glen Coco” is, of course, the color of coco.
  4. “So fetch” is a bright orange color, which is nearly the same hue as Gretchen’s rage.
  5. “Wednesday” is a hot reddish pink because, as everybody knows, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”
  6. “She doesn’t even go here” is the blunt, burgundy/amaranthine pigment we all need in our lives.
  7. “The Plastics” are a “cold, shiny, hard plastic” white shade, because we’re “not even pretending anymore”.
  8. “Regina George” is obviously an all-too-powerful rose pink color. It’s fitting.
  9. “Mouse… duh” is silver, because mice are kind of silver… according to Karen, anyways.
  10. “You can’t sit with us” is the deep, strawberry tint of cafeteria rejection.
  11. Cool mom” is a tempting royal blue since Regina’s mom lives with North Shore royalty.
  12. “October 3rd is a charcoal tone, much like the sky on rainy days.


What are you waiting for?  Go Kevin Gnapoor it and “get someeeeeeee” at the Storybook Cosmetics website, like, now.


Photo credits: The photo of Regina George is the property of and the image of Kevin Gnapoor is the property of Paper Mag.  The featured image and second photo belong to Storybook Cosmetics.

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