11 Reasons Why the World is Your Runway

Coco Chanel once said, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway.”


That’s a brilliant point, Coco.  But if I may, I’d like to make a minor correction to that statement:  Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

The planet is our catwalk, and anyone can slay it if they really want to.

But, just in case you don’t believe me, here’s why you should embrace the world as your runway.

1. There’s really no reason not to walk like you’re on a runway.

Why walk when you can strut?  You’re royalty, so tackle each step with the corresponding regal mentality.

When your walk changes, your life does too.

I see [rose] gold and [regal] excellence in your near future.


2. Your clothes deserve to be worked to their fullest potentials.


We spend so much money on our clothes, and we put [atleast some] effort into planning our outfits.

Our wardrobe pieces do so much for us – but what do we do for them aside from throw them in the washing machine?

My point: the final accessory every great ensemble needs is a strut to match.


3. Stilettos shouldn’t be wasted.


Stilettos are the children of the catwalk, and to utilize them as anything less is a tragic waste.

Your stilettos want to slam full impact into the Earth with each step you take, so don’t deny them of that glorious opportunity; this is what they were born to do.


4. Your lipstick looks even better when you strut.


To be honest, everything looks better with a killer catwalk – but lipstick is the elixir of the gods, so it needed to be mentioned here.

The best way to wear lipstick is with your chin tilted up and your gaze directly forward – let your lipstick become a victor in its own right each and every time you stride out into the world.


5. That’s how Britney would want it.


An American treasure and a highly successful woman, Britney Spears has made it clear that she believes in the sanctity of the catwalk.

Since she’s worthy of worship anyways, we might as well study under her tutelage and strut our way through the world every single day.

Make her proud: work it


6. The world is Miss J. Alexander’s runway, and he’s “Queen of the Catwalk”.


Sadly, not even our favorite “Runway Diva Coach Extraordinaire”, Miss J. Alexander, can spend every waking moment on the runway – that’s why he works every piece of ground his feet make contact with.

Sidewalk?  I think you meant [cement] catwalk.

Plus, practice keeps your walk sharp – if you don’t believe me, ask the “Queen of the Catwalk” himself.


7. Fierce is a state of mind – stay in that head space and slay every day.


If you believe that you’re fierce, you will be fierce.  That’s the type of mindset that leads to victory – so slip into it and show off your winning headspace by gliding down the streets.


8. Walk for the job you want, not the one you have.

The same way you’re supposed to dress for the job you want [not the one you have], you’re supposed to walk for the job you want as well.

Strutting it with your shoulders back and your chin up says that you’re a winner, and that you can’t be knocked down.

That sounds pretty promotion-worthy to me, so catwalk like you mean business.


9. It’s your world – everyone else is just living it.


The only person who gets to dictate your world is you.  Everyone else is just a factor in your universe, so remember that you’re in charge and [cat]walk like it.


10. You’re fabulous anyways.

You’re fabulous.  Never forget that, and never behave like you’re not.

Your inner fabulous wants to trickle out into the world – what’s the harm in enabling it to do so?


11. You already have it, so there’s no reason not to work it.

If an opportunity became available, you’d grab it, right?

Well, you have the chance to take on the world every single day by making it your runway – so seize the opportunity and strut away with it.


Smolder, guys.  Remember: first comes the catwalk, next comes world domination, and then comes an 8 AM pizza run.

Grab life by the high heels and strut your way to [further] greatness.


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