The “Natural Woman”: Modern Women Meet Wilderness Chic

Off-White recently dropped the “Natural Woman” runway show on the fashion world for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.  Of course, with the inspired guidance of Virgil Abloh, the show was modern, candid, and phenomenal.

Abloh actually revealed that the “Natural Woman” was inspired by the deceased Princess Diana herself – a photo taken a week before her death portrayed her alone and in a luxurious setting, with “The Natural Woman” written over the image.  This struck a chord with Abloh, and he used it as the foundation for the Off-White Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show.


In the “Natural Woman”, the models marched down a huge, rectangular red floor.   The audience was placed at the same [lack of] elevation as the models.

Off/White Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in Paris

The only soundtrack was one filled with the sounds of nature, such as birds chirping, water running, and animals calling out to others – in the background of this peculiar audio was a continuous, reverberating bass hum.  Because this was not an overcrowded series of background noises, an aura of silence hung over the runway as the models walked to the sounds of nature.

Fascinatingly enough, the “Natural Woman” appeared to tell the story of the contemporary, professional woman who comes face to face with nature.

The show begins with women decked out in fashionable, neutral-toned business formal-wear.  As the show continues, the models bear even more business formal apparel, but with bright colors, floral, foliage, and animal prints; this is where we finally see the “Natural Woman” in the Natural World.  In fact, the women’s outfits even begin to actually resemble forestry, flowers, birds, zebras, and other aspects of wilderness.

However, the Natural Woman eventually leaves the Natural World and returns to the human one.


The clothing ensembles become neutral again as the women transform back from their more natural states – their journey into the wilderness has ended, and they once again become accustomed to “real life”.

Some of the designs were sleek, bold, and gorgeous.  Others were wild, chic, and daring.  In the context of the show, they all fed off of each other to create the startling and eye-opening concept of the “Natural Woman”.


In this fashion show, Abloh once again succeeded at combining trailblazing style and another uncanny truth about the human world.  An artist and a visionary, Abloh never fails to bring thought-provoking concepts far more complex than basic chic to the runway.


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