11 Living Dead Clothing Pieces to Drop Money On

Living Dead does not necessarily make all of their images available for use outside of the sales area of their website – for this reason, the names of the mentioned products in this entry all link back to their website, where they can be viewed and, if you should so decide, purchased.  Enjoy!

If you prefer wardrobe pieces that are edgy and off-book, search no further – Living Dead is where you need to be shopping.

Even though Living Dead clothing is fabulous every day of the year, Halloween is one of the best times to pay them homage for their loyalty to all things nerdy, creepy, dark, and metal.


Here are 11 current Living Dead clothing pieces that you absolutely have to check out.

1. Hallows A-Line

Some might say this dress is Halloween-themed, but I say it’s perfect for any time of the year, including spring and summer.  In fact, spring needs spook, and this dress allows you to bring it to the freshly-blooming Earth after you’re all done sprinkling darkness over the snow.


2. Black Damask Pocket Skater

There’s not much to say here aside from the fact that this dress’s pattern is pure perfection, and that the black and charcoal combo looks stunning.

This piece is basically a must-have for any contemporary goth.


3. Silver Battle Maille High Crop

It’s armor, you guys.  It’s armor.

Not only is it armor, but it’s chic armor.  You can rock this at a fashion show, and then wear it into battle later on.

That’s basically the dream, comrades.


4. Water Explorer Pocket Skater Skirt

This twirl-tastic skater skirt is gorgeously scenic.  The imagery is vivid and refreshing, and the colors look striking on the polyester-spandex blend.

This skirt could easily crash an entire party.


5. Red Dragon Queen High Neck Crop

Where fantasy meets chic, we have heaven.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to be the Dragon Queen herself while still looking gloriously on-trend.

This Dragon Queen top comes in several colors, but of course the amaranthine shade was the only way to go.


6. Vertebrae Mini Skirt

Ever wanted to wear a curly x-ray on your skirt?  Well, now you can since Living Dead has made it possible!

If you’re not quite convinced, check out the groovy, skeletal pattern that goes all the way up to wrap around the waist.

This skirt sends the good kind of shiver down my spine.


7. Animals are Better Tee

Animals are better, and so is minimalism.

That’s why this top goes perfectly with jeans, skirts, shorts, and tights.  It’s also a necessary addition to our bi-weekly t-shirt rotations.

If you don’t frequently remind people that animals are better, they might just forget that humans are man filth… and we really can’t have that.

You have a duty to remind the world that animals are, in fact, better.


8. Book of Spells Tee

Basic witches do exist – I see them at Starbucks all the time, casually doing enchantments while waiting on their PSLs.

Whether you have the magical gift or not, this tee lets you act like you do while working a simple dark grunge look at the very same time.

That’s pretty blessed.


9. Unicorn Dreams Midi Skirt

Is it just me, or does this skirt kind of look like the Patronus scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [except with a unicorn]?

No, not really?  Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Either way, this sans-Dementor scene was apparently created to be worn and twirled around in – we just didn’t know it until Living Dead finally showed us the way.


10. Constellation Hoodie

Just in case you’re worried about zodiac stuff, Living Dead has you covered (literally).  This constellation hoodie looks simultaneously sleek and cozy.  This way, you can take on the chilly weather while still being confident about your constellations.


11. Galactic Glitter Spy Side Split Tee

There’s no arguing the fact that wearing galaxies is pretty rad.  Even if you’re not a space nut, this is still a great top that anyone can enjoy.

It’s a side split tee, so you can rock outer space in an even more flattering and stylish manner.

In sum, thank goodness that Living Dead clothing exists.

Even on the darkest and creepiest days, it gives me hope to know that my fashion sense can get even darker and creepier with just a few dedicated minutes of online shopping.

maxresdefault (1)

Keeping slaying the game, Living Dead, and I’ll continue to worship your brand proudly.


Photo credits:
The featured image and the first photo used in this entry belong to Living Dead.  The second photo is the property of Mortem3r on YouTube.


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