Cutting-Edge Fashion: Virgil Abloh’s “Nothing New”

One of the top autumn collections this year is Virgil Abloh’s brand new “Nothing New” collection for Off-White.  “Nothing New” holds captive the strikingly bucolic chic fall vibes we’ve all been so desperately craving.


Virgil Abloh is an American designer and the founder of the Milan-based Off-White label; he’s also well-known for his role as art director of the Jay-Z and Kanye West album Watch the Throne.

His creative career in the fashion world has been nothing short of remarkable thus far.  In fact, according to Vogue, the rumors that he may be filling Riccardo Tisci’s shoes at Givenchy were published months ago.

But then something else happened – the Belgian fashion designer and Abloh’s role model (according to Vogue), Raf Simons, seemed less than pleased with Abloh and his work during a GQ Magazine interview.

Calm from the encounter and thriving on this constructive criticism, Abloh composed the “Nothing New” collection, calling it, “a launchpad to think about what I am doing and why I am doing it.”

Abloh’s idea behind the collection is that almost nothing in fashion or art is ever fully and actually new – everything comes from something.  Even so, that doesn’t take away from his or anyone else’s work as an artist.


Being an artist isn’t as much about creating novel work each and every time as it is about approaching ideas in a fresh and innovative manner.

Regardless, Abloh still decided that he prefers to sit on the concept of “Nothing New” and ponder it as he moves forward in his career as a designer.  Abloh wants, “to live with that phrase and recognize what it means.”

In fact, Abloh even went so far as to accompany “Nothing New” on the runway with British artist David Shrigley’s voice saying, “Focus on the work; if you make good work, you will probably be a successful artist.”


Building on the “Nothing New” concept, Abloh titled the footwear in this collection as “For Walking”, and he replaced the signature Off-White graphic tees with daintier and plainer torso-wear.

The show heavily embraced the reverberation of the traditional, formal plaid look, and it experimented with expression through minimalism.  Off-White tried their hand with softer fabrics [and did a fabulous job], and it played around with the dominance of denim.

An abundance of fur, sheer, and vivid azure blue also made their presence heavily known in the collection.


After considering this show and Abloh’s statement, we’re not only left questioning what fashion and art really are, but we’ve been brilliantly slammed with the concept that what is old always has the potential to be revolutionized.

That’s how, somewhere in all of this artistic madness, Abloh created a series of fresh and inspired looks for Fall 2017.  Needless to say, “Nothing New” is Nothing Short of a fashion[-art] statement.


Photo credits: All images used in this post are photos of Virgil Abloh’s “Nothing New” show from Vogue.



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