Your Guide to Lingerie as Streetwear

In case you haven’t heard, lingerie has finally trickled down into ordinary, daily style.  And, of course, the Kardashians are more than partially responsible for this daring and present-day trend.

Here’s the low-down:  deeply-plunging bustiers and silky camisoles are blouses; decorative slips and unflinching leg garter stockings are now visible pieces of regular outfits.  Corsets and hosiery are everywhere, and risqué sheer is in.


Lingerie as daily wear is an outstanding fashion statement.  It’s gorgeous, it’s bold, and sometimes, it’s even gothic.

However, attempting to incorporate lingerie into your street style can be extremely intimidating – it’s hard to know what goes and what doesn’t.  And yet, you don’t want to miss out on this dazzling fashion opportunity because of nerves.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry anymore – this guide has you covered.


How far is too far with lingerie?

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as going too far with lingerie, as long as you’re covered with some type of cloth and are comfortable with what you’re wearing.

However, we live in areas with laws, and these laws vary – yes, I’m talking about “free the nipple”.  This “free the nipple” concept applies to anything that’s sheer.  All of the current trends cover that area of your chest with material, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are opaque.  So, before you decide how much you’re comfortable showing, just make sure that you won’t get in any trouble for working your chosen lingerie out there.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of stunning lingerie that covers what needs to be covered in accordance with many of the laws.  If you’re on edge about the very idea of exposure or the law where you live forbids it, there’s still an abundance of options – you won’t be missing out on anything or feeling deprived of choices.

Just be sure that you’re at ease in whatever you’re wearing – feeling awkward isn’t fun or fashionable.  Be relaxed in your lingerie of choice, should you choose to work this trend, and shoot for the corresponding confidence.


Which types of lingerie are people wearing in their daily outfits?

People are currently mixing several types of lingerie into their street style.

On the upper body, it’s all about bustiers, corsets, camisoles, charmeuses, and chemises.  Occasionally, you’ll even see the babydoll being rocked out there.

In terms of lower body wear, the main ones to wear for this trend are sturdy half slips and leg-garters/thigh-high socks with shorts or skirts.

As far as dress style goes, it’s also perfectly safe to go with a top and bottom slip.


I’m not sure if I can pull off racy – how do I make this casual lingerie look elegant instead?

Firstly, this work doesn’t have to be racy to work!  In fact, the idea behind this lingerie trend is, essentially, to be bold and elegant.

So, how do you pull that off?  Well, the trick is to mix and match your lingerie pieces with more traditional clothing items.

For example, try a corset with high-waisted jeans.  An office pencil skirt with a camisole and a blazer is also a stunning look.  Sleek dresses go brilliantly with leg garters, and long, bulky jackets go well over full slips.

There’s plenty of combinations to choose from, but you get the basic idea.


What’s the deal with sheer?

I’m glad you asked – sheer is super in right now.

But if you’re not crazy about the full or nearly-full body sheer look, but you still want to work less-revealing versions of it, there are other options.  There’s just as many articles of clothing that are only partially sheer as there are that are mostly or entirely sheer.  These have sheer areas on the sides of dresses, the tops of blouses, the bottoms of pant legs, etc.  The intensity of the sheer fabric also varies.

If you do choose to work a mostly or fully sheer look, just be sure to carefully consider what you’re wearing underneath, since those pieces and the areas of your body that they don’t cover will all be on display through your sheer outfit.  “Carefully” varies in definition [depending on the person], so I will leave it at that.

But yes, sheer is a viable option for most comfort levels.


What shoes go with these lingerie-decked outfits?

With lingerie looks, you’ll likely want some type of elevation, boot style, or both.

While, of course, stilettos look best here, platform sneakers and shorter, thicker heeled shoes will also do the trick.

Of course, boots are also another way to go – these can be anything from tall, stiletto ones to shin-high, nearly-flat, combat boots.

You’ll be fine on the shoe front as long as whichever ones you choose to go with are sleek and chic.


This lingerie trend may be your thing, and it may not be – just remember that no matter what you choose for your street look, the most fashionable things you can wear are comfort and confidence.

If lingerie is your thing, then rock this trend like crazy – it’s that contemporary, divine, and luxurious chic look you’ve been searching for.

If you’re struggling with wearing the lingerie look outside of your home, then just don’t worry about it!  There’s plenty of other lovely, on-trend styles to choose from – just don’t ever force yourself to wear something that’s not you.








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