The Gucci Aesthetic

Gucci: bold, stunning… strange.

Every single month, I open up my brand new Vogue, carefully flip through those gorgeous photography spreads, and come to an abrupt halt when I see the Gucci advertisements.


I can never tell if what I’m gazing at leans more towards high fashion or extravagant artwork – Gucci’s advertisements are consistently that spectacular.

Gucci Fall Winter 2010.11 05.jpg

Of course, like any other label, Gucci has moments when it sticks to the basics; other times, it lets its Gucci flag fly high.  They have ad campaigns that don’t, by any means, scream about Gucci’s quirkier side, but they’ve also had plenty which smack you in the face with it.


When I encounter the latter, I can never help but wonder – what exactly is the Gucci aesthetic?

According to Evan Rachel Wood, the Gucci Guilty fragrance itself is “[a]uthentic and free.”  She goes on to say, “The Gucci guilty woman is about living in the moment. She’s a modern woman, someone who really owns herself and her sensuality. It’s supposed to be a very empowering and sensual fragrance.”

This is a powerful hint at what Gucci is, but it only describes one specific product: the Guilty fragrance.  It’s only a whiff of what Gucci is really all about.


Fortunately, Frida Giannini gave us a huge prod towards a potential answer.  She said, “I don’t want to be too ‘classic’ because it’s not in the DNA of Gucci.”


Frida, you’re entirely correct.  Classic is not in the DNA of Gucci.  But what is?

I’ve been examining Gucci photo spreads and giving this a lot of thought – and I think I’m finally getting close:  I suspect that Gucci’s aesthetic is simply “ethereal and modern”.


Even when their most Gucci-type visuals don’t imply something stylish and alien-like, they still reveal a version of Earth that we’re not even sure exists.  That’s why Gucci makes us all crave the heavenly chic vibe they so deliberately portray in their images.

Gucci-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign04 (1).jpg

Their advertisements also frequently make you unsure of the setting in time.  Are the models standing in the present, or are they stuck somewhere in the future?  Is this the actual present we’re supposed to be living in and only Gucci really knows how to access it?


Sometimes Gucci goes with fierce and subtle, and sometimes it takes on ethereal and modern.  But no matter which of these two Gucci signatures they apply, the end product is always phenomenal.


As Jared Leto once stated, “Nothing is quite what you expect with Gucci. I’m just happy to be a part of their adventure.”

Me too, Jared.  Me too.


Photo credits: All photos used in this entry are official Gucci images.


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