Sportswear Fashion: Current Trends and Abandoned Minimalism

Harper’s Bazaar brought some astonishing news to our attention just two days ago – Riccardo Tisci is over the trending styles in sportswear fashion.

Riccardo Tisci is well-known for his active role with sportswear as it stands in the fashion world.  Until recently, he was also creative director for Givenchy – but he’s left that post and is now collaborating with Nikelab in Paris.

In fact, Riccardo Tisco very recently told Highsnobiety, “To me, sportswear became so fashionable… When it became too gimmicky, too colourful, too crazy, it wasn’t sportswear anymore.”


So, he’s not about sportswear’s current direction at all – he’s not into the extensive amounts of colors and patterns that many articles of fashion sportswear have these days.

Here’s what Tisci said: “Sportswear can be cool, it can be modern, it can be fresh without going so crazy. There’s a line… Everybody’s trying to do sportswear, but to do good sportswear is not easy.”

He’s not wrong – current sportswear styles are a tad bit tacky if you really think about it.

Even as someone who generally refuses to wear sportswear as fashion (my sportswear really only sees the gym and the occasional supermarket), the present aesthetic is still something that I wish wasn’t trending.

These days, there’s more pieces of workout clothing that look painted on than there are basic ones.

The days of plain sportswear seem to be ending – and now it’s all about wildly abstract patterns and bright colors.

This is particularly disappointing to minimalists; minimalism has a special charm that just can’t be replaced with anything else.

When the intense colors and strange patterns go out of style, minimalism will still be there to pick up where the previous trend left off.


That’s because minimalism will never fail to be classic, and it will always be present in some shape or form; this applies to sportswear as much as it applies to anything else.

And so, even though things are looking bleak right now, Tisci seems to have faith in the wearers of sportswear.  As he said, “Good sportswear must speak to real kids, and they don’t go for everything — they go for the right thing, and I really believe in that.”

If Tisci believes there’s a future for sportswear, then there may be hope that traditional minimalism will return as the predominant style.

But for now, the trend is to mix neon tones in funky patterns.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next, whether that’s a return to minimalism or a fresh trend in sportswear.

But I really do hope it’s minimalism.


What do you guys think?  Reach out and let me know.

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