Fashion Art: Part II – Art as Fashion


Fashion {noun}: a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

Act I


We’ve already discussed fashion as art, so let’s delve into art as fashion.

There’s probably a fine line between fashion and art, but it’s one that’s just about impossible to dig up; that’s why the two bleed into each other more often than not.

But if fashion is art, can art also be fashion?

Yes.  In fact, it already is.

Act II

People wear art.

Take a moment to really think about that statement.

People wear art.


That’s why dresses and tights with Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night printed on them exist, and that’s why people are tatted up with illustrations.

Consider the images on your clothing – those didn’t just materialize out of nowhere.  An artist somewhere created them physically or digitally: they’re art.  You’re wearing art.

But why are you wearing art?  Why are we wearing art?

Because art is deep, controversial, and striking – and so, it’s always trendy.

People wear art because it appeals to them in some form or fashion and because it’s cool.

That’s how art becomes fashion.


Remember that #FashionArt topic from this entry’s predecessor? That trend works both ways.  Fashion art allows fashion to be art, and it also enables art to be fashion.


It’s simple – since art is trendy, it’s always fashionable.

Art is chic on its own.

But, of course, intentionally combining art into fashion [as we think of it] earns you even more of those lovely fashion art points.

Take the highly talented Donna Adi, for example.  She takes her real life fashion photography and mixes her illustrations into them.  In doing so, she directly blends art into fashion.

Another terrific example of a fashion artist is Bruno Dantes – he actually sketches the fashion he sees.  He recreates fashion in illustrated forms and, in doing so, cooks up art that communicates fashion.

Act IV


Don’t forget about fashion design – that is, without a doubt, art as fashion.

Designing fashion is actually the act of transcribing designs from one’s own mind to a platform where it can be shared with others.

A splendid designer who truly embodies the meaning of “art as fashion” is Eris Tran.  Her drawings are primarily art, but they’re fashion at the same time.

Just like Bruno’s work, her artistic creations already exist as fashion while they’re on paper.

Act V

It can be challenging to detect, but art exists as fashion the same way fashion exists as art.

It’s so fortunate that there’s so much vision and style in the world, and it’s even more divine that none of it has to be confined to just being fashion or art.

That’s why it doesn’t matter which side of the fashion-art line someone’s creative expression falls on, as long as we can appreciate its beauty and message.

Fashion is art, and art is fashion.

End of story.



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