Best Ad Photography in Vogue: October 2017

Cracking open your monthly Vogue and discovering several back-to-back, designer ad spreads is the absolute best.  They’re striking, they’re intriguing, and they’re chic.

That’s why, now that I’ve had some time to get comfy with the October 2017 Issue, I’m casting a [rose gold] light on its best fashion photography contents.

Here are my favorite advertisements from this month’s issue of Vogue.

10. Fendi


What a glorious use of the abstract!  There’s scattered black and red rings and golden rods that, together, result in a brilliant visual concept.

But I’ve been forced to rank this spread lower than I would’ve liked to.  Why?

It’s Kendall, guys – it’s Kendall.

Everything else was present except for Kendall.  She didn’t bring what was needed to that set, and that’s unfortunate – this could have been breathtaking.

9. Gucci


The models are a shimmering teal right down to their fingertips, and they’re sporting some clashing red makeup, bedazzled glasses, and platinum blonde hair.

If that’s not a daring take on contrast, I don’t know what is.

There’s also something to be said about how these nearly-turquoise women are casually standing against what seems to be a very ordinary and dismal background.

Fascinating photo, Gucci.

8. Gucci [again]


Again, I’m not really sure how or why Gucci is doing such mad things with tones and subtle gleams – but they are, and it’s working.

These unreal-looking models look as if they don’t belong in any place or time – except the setting and moment captured by this photograph.

The contrasting patterns and textures are, just like the rest of the photo’s theme, out of this world.

I’m amazed.

7. Jo Malone


“Surrender to the spell.”

Yeah, I think I just might.  I mean, it’s almost impossible not to succumb to the fantasy world they’ve crafted in this photograph.

The “The English Oak” is described as a woody fragrance.

I’ve never actually smelled the scent, but from viewing this ad alone, I can only guess that it’s absolutely extraordinary.

6. Ralph Lauren


The Ralph Lauren look is always sophisticated, simple, and chic.  It’s never extravagant, and yet it stands out against the rest of the glitzy fashion world.


That’s exactly what we have here this month  – a black page with “Ralph Lauren” written in the middle, and then a basic photograph of a captivating model.  And, of course, she’s dressed in a modern-chic version of a very classic, outfit.

Black, white, and intense – I’m hardly surprised.  That’s Ralph Lauren for you.



5. Alexander McQueen


This month’s Alexander McQueen spread has struck an odd balance between opposites – the colorless and the colorful, the close-up and the distant.

Both photos are equally enticing, yet substantially contradictory of one another.  These photos together are truly an artistic wonder.

Fortunately, gazing at these and continuing to wonder seems like a great time to me.

4. Calvin Klein


I’m still not sure I understand how or why these photograph work, but they do – marvelously.

What we have here is models decked in beige, which matches the barren, rural environment on this set.


But those aren’t the only colors they’re wearing – some of them are decked out in very daring dark tones, which creates vaguely ironic composition in this lighter-neutral setting.

Then, of course, there’s the red – pure, passionate, and loud against the rest.

That’s three major color statements doing three significant things in these photographs.

I also couldn’t tell you what on Earth is happening in this photo, but this set looks like the place to be.

3. Saint Laurent


If you can successfully pull off colorless twinkle lights and sparkles in a photograph, then you’re magnificent.

That’s exactly what we have here – a black and white, two-page spread in which the model is photographed wearing a sparkling sweater and matching boots.


Her black tights are the same shade as this black background, yet distinguishable by the way the light columns are composed around her legs.

Speaking of the light columns, the photographer here really achieved something unique with lines.  They hardly make sense, but they work beautifully in the context.


2. Chanel


I honestly can’t tell if the brilliance of this spread is in the photography, Cara Delevingne’s slay game, or both – but regardless, this advertisement is exquisite.

Cara’s outfit is wild, but after seeing it in this context, it’s nothing short of perfection.  The first photograph is cozy, and the second one is chic – but both are most certainly nothing short of fierce.

1. Marc Jacobs


Oh.  My.  Goodness. 

This Marc Jacobs spread is the epitome of fashion photography.  Every single time I flip over to this masterpiece, I cannot stop staring.

Here, we have this very creative, nontraditional photograph with a strong, contemporary essence.  The cut-off points and composition are irregular, and there are various things that could be occurring in this photo.

It’s bizarre.  It’s grunge.  It’s glamour.

It’s art.

Fashion photography is spectacular, and the photo spreads in Vogue prove that to us every single month.

Needless to say, I am so ready to get my hands on the November 2017 Issue.


The feature image is the property of Vogue Magazine, and the remaining photos in this entry are the sole property of Ami J. Sanghvi.

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