9 Reasons Why Matte Lipstick is Everything


It’s no secret that I’m constantly endorsing matte lipsticks.  I mean, they’re absolutely stunning and have single-handedly combated some of the greatest evils of the fashion world.

But seeing as I’m constantly peer-pressuring my lovely readers into going all matte, I may owe you guys an explanation.

This entry exists to atleast somewhat explain to you guys why my allegiance is everlasting.

So, here’s why I voted matte.


1. Dismal is gorgeous.

20525986_1707165565983464_533229155710695711_n.jpgI don’t know about you guys, but I love seeing my favorite color sans-sheen.  It’s like matte has gifted us with an entirely fresh color spectrum to choose from, and matte lipstick color shades come out as truly delightful surprises.

Matte is basically a whole new world, so hop on that rocket ship – you really don’t want to miss out on the new planet of colors.


2. There’s really nothing like a velvety finish.

Velvet is all the rage – so why not get your lips in on it?  Matte lip shades leave your lips looking like actual velvet.

As we know, velvet is gorgeous – so why wouldn’t lips look stunning with a velvety finish?

Velvet lips – I mean, you can’t beat that.


3. The precision is unbeatable.

No one can deny the accuracy that comes with matte lipstick – if you nail it, the outline of your lips is undeniably perfect.  The precision of matte lipstick cannot be matched – it’s simply flawless.


4. Nothing gives you a killer pout the way matte does.

The days of glossy lip products fashioned one kind of pout, but matte has brought us to an entirely new level.  With the richness of matte lipstick, your pout can slay, steal the room, and whisper elegance with just a few gentle swipes of the lip brush.

Matte is regal excellence at its finest.


5. It’s the best excuse to purchase yummy lip scrub.


For those of you who are familiar with matte lipsticks, you know that pulling them off requires some extra lip care – specifically, moisturizing and scrubbing off any loose skin.

That dead skin removal gives you the perfect excuse to purchase scented, heavenly lip scrubs.  Rubbing them on is delicious heaven – my current one is brown sugar flavored with sprinkles, and I just cannot get enough of it.



6. Uncustomary shades actually work in matte.

And so the blessings continue – neon and nontraditional lip tones were never all that splendid until matte became the [best] trend [ever].  Now, they have a smooth, dull look that brings out the vivid color without the formidable risk of looking, well… tacky.

Matte has taken these magnificent shades and made them less Halloween, more chic.  Thank goodness for that.


7. Dark and nude tones have finally been rescued.

I’ve griped and groaned about the tragic old days of glossy black lipsticks.  Fortunately, matte has rescued us from that specific form of suffering.

Blacks, grays, and other darker lip shades look spectacular in matte.  I would even go so far as to say that matte lipstick has perfected the present day gothic and grunge aesthetics.

Furthermore, nude lipsticks look beyond fabulous in matte, so there’s basically no other choice for rocking the natural lip look.


8. The Kardashian Empire is all about it.

The Kardashians love matte lipsticks and, since they apparently rule the world, that’s worth considering.  They’re some of our main trendsetters at the moment, and I’ve found that they’ve more or less steered us in a terrific direction so far.


Most of us are already crushing on them, so there’s no reason not to just try out and customize their look – apply that matte lipstick and enjoy having a self-crush.


9. You can finally be the artist you always dreamed of being.

Not everyone is a world-renowned painter or highly-skilled sketch artist, but that doesn’t mean that that life is entirely out of reach.  The application of matte lipstick allows anyone to be a bit of a painter for a few precious moments.

Embrace your inner Picasso – paint and sculpt your lips with liquid velvet.

Overall, matte lipstick is brilliant because it’s matte – and that’s why matte lipstick is our Great Overlord.  Nothing is the matte-r with matte (I’m really sorry), so if you haven’t already, start venerating it.  Go matte today – you’ll be so glad you did.

Since the list of why these lipsticks are worship-worthy is never-ending, pretty please [with a matte cherry on top] let me know if I missed anything on this list!  I’m always thrilled to hear from my readers about anything I’ve posted, and maybe I’ll even blog about what you had to say in the future!


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