Grunch: How to Pull Off [Dark] Grunge at Fall Brunch

Brunch is cute.  Brunch is fun.  Brunch is delicious.  Brunch is bottomless mimosas.

But brunch isn’t metal.

…Or so you’ve been told.

You’re going to fall brunch and you don’t want to look like a sunflower or a daisy.  That’s understandable – you are dark steel, after all, and sunshine just isn’t your thing.


But you’re in an awkward situation – brunch dress code reminds you of PSLs and Lilly Pulitzer planners.  You’re definitely not hating [cause your besties look so cute with their Starbs and designer datebooks], but that stuff really isn’t all that you either. So, you sadly slip on your sunshine yellow blouse and set out into the world of brunch.

Yeah, no.  You don’t need that.  What you need is to enjoy a Bloody Mary decked from head to toe in a geared-for-brunch [dark] grunge outfit.

I mean, the leaves get to look beyond grunge for the next few months, so it’s only fair that you do too. In fact, Brunch + [Dark] Grunge = Grunch.  So, what you need is grunch-time fashion.

Here’s how to not let the brightness of brunch dictate your life this fall.

Upper Body

This part is super easy – grab a dark-colored blouse or dressy-enough t-shirt (if you choose to go with a dress or jumpsuit instead, you won’t need to refer to the “Lower Body” section below).  This is a terrific way to let your dark aesthetic flag fly without wearing a shredded, acid-washed band tee to brunch.


Crop tops are perfectly acceptable, but tread carefully – if grandmas potentially giving you the stink eye bothers you, lean towards longer ones.

For warmth, layer your top with a dark-colored pull-over or cardigan sweater.  If you want more edge, switch out the fuzzy-wuzzy sweater for a dark [p]leather or military-style jacket.


Lower Body

Now that you have your dark upper body items picked out, let’s talk about what goes on your lower body.

Skirts and dress shorts are always a great way to go – in dark or neutral tones.  Pencil skirts are the safest for brunch, but there’s many skater skirts that are brunch-friendly too (shorts skirts + fall breezes = disaster).  Use your judgment on this – you’re worth trusting.

If you’re not in the mood to wear a skirt, try out some solid, dark colored jeans or black slacks.  If the blouse you’ve chosen is long[ish], black leggings are also a viable and still dressy option.


Shoes and socks

If you’ve chosen to go with a skirt, then you have two main options: black dress shoes with black, over-the-knee socks or, you guessed it, black [knee-/thigh-high] boots – you get extra dark grunge points if your boots are lace-ups. 5033475140_fe0a041a0c_b

Tall boots overcrowd legs that are already dressed up – leave those shoes for your skirts and shorts.  Instead, wear dress shoes or ankle-/below-the-knee-boots with pants.  As always, try to aim for shades of black.

Hint: While you’d generally wear your regular socks under most shoes, some of the shin-high boots may work with wool socks that come an inch or two above where the boots end on your legs.



Think fall.  Keep the eye and broader face makeup on a pallet of nudes, grays, and blacks.  Wear neutrals or medium-to-dark reds on your lips – fall looks are better achieved with liquid mattes.

For your nails, follow the same set of colors and, again, don’t be afraid to go matte.



Fall is a great time to work clunky jewelry with all of the bulky layers you’re wearing.

Thick-strapped, broad-faced watches in silvers, golds, rose-golds, and black-metals are perfect autumn choices.  Dark and neutral-toned leather straps are also worth considering for your watch selection.

If you’re feeling earrings, try out mini-to-medium hoops in silver, gold, rose-gold, or black.


With your big ol’ sweaters and jackets, experiment with long and/or chunky necklaces in the shades previously listed.  They’re a remarkable way to accentuate the rest of your outfit.

If you want to go the extra mile, dress your fingers up with as many rings as you’d like – just be sure they match the rest of your jewelry selections.

Carry a handbag in a black, charcoal, white, neutral, deep red, army green, or dark blue shade.  It’ll be the glossy cherry on top of a splendid outfit.

Hint: Blacks pair beautifully with neutrals, reddish-purple shades, and olive greens for a grunch look that is guaranteed to slay.  If you want to take that killer look a step further, nothing says “autumn” quite like crispy matte does – you can achieve matte glamour in your jacket, shoes, accessories, and/or make-up.

Okay, metal brunchers – now that you’re all “grunched” up, go down your mimosas dressed as the dark-aesthetic royalty you are.