Fashion Review: Charlotte Russe’s 2017 Halloween Collection



Halloween is sacred, and chic Halloween looks are everything.

Sadly, between gaudy materials, cheesy costumes, and all of the other badly-spooky tragedies that infest our world, it can be hard to find Halloween apparel that slays.

But we’re fortunate – Charlotte Russe’s yearly Halloween collections save the day.

Well, they usually do.


Let’s talk about Charlotte Russe’s 2017 Halloween Collection.

Charlotte Russe, I love you.  I truly do.

I’m so grateful for all of the edgy, fashionable clothes I’m able to purchase from you at terrific prices.  I’m consistently thankful for your miraculous promo codes and grunge-tastic clothing selections.

My overstuffed wardrobe thanks you every day, and my suffering wallet isn’t even too bummed out about the money I’ve burnt on your website.

But I’m disappointed in you guys this year – your Halloween collection could and should have been better.

Here’s why:

  1. Halloween is about more than black apparel.
  2. Leather and pleather are awesome, but that’s not as much Halloween as it is daily-wear chic.
  3. We get it. It’s Halloween and cat costumes are hot.
  4. We also get that bunny costumes are a thing.  But seriously, there’s more to Halloween than cute animals.
  5. The sheer thing is gorgeous, but your sheer options are usually impractical for the average lady.
  6. TOO. MANY. PLUNGING. NECKLINES. Sometimes you just want the option to slay without your chest on complete display.
  7. A lot of this stuff looks more like partywear than Halloween apparel.

Cat_Burglar_Sexy_Halloween_Costume (1).png


Sure, the velvet is lovely.  The metallics are gorgeousThe shoes are stunning, and I am so thrilled about Charlotte Russe’s affinity for bustier-everything lately.

But it’s not enough.

Don’t get me wrong – this stuff is cute.  But nothing in the 2017 Halloween Collection inspired me to spend money on these full price items.

I know – as Cher would say, I’m being “way harsh”.

Here’s the thing: I adore you guys, so I want this criticism to be constructive so that next year’s Halloween collection can be better.

Suggestions for next year:

  1. Make even more gothic-wear! It’s Halloween – even people who aren’t usually about those gothic vibes are into them around this time of year.
  2. Keep more clothing available for the ladies who dig sexy, but don’t feel like putting everything on display. You have a wide customer base filled with shoppers of different comfort-levels! Make some of your lace-up necks higher cut.  Make a few items less sheer – displaying undergarments isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  3. The classic Halloween costume stuff is great, but why not add something innovative to the mix? We’ve all been cats and bunnies. Give us something fresh to work with.
  4. Classic never fails. I get that you guys are extremely trendy, but classic is always in style – especially around Halloween.
  5. Try adding some more scary-chic stuff to this holiday line next year. Some girls want to look gorgeous and terrifying on Halloween.


You totally got this, Charlotte Russe.  Just remember that so many different types of people buy your clothing – if you can capture so many style-aesthetics in your seasonal collections, you can definitely manage it with Halloween, too!

I believe in you guys – I know that Charlotte Russe will make Halloween 2018 spectacular.

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