New Age Dark Grunge: What You Need (Feminine)

{This piece is geared towards people of any gender aiming for a society-labeled “feminine” dark grunge look}.


New age dark grunge.  Not just dark grunge – new age dark grunge.

It’s 2017, and most looks have developed into their crispest forms yet.  That’s why we’ve replaced glossy black lipsticks with matte ones – because dark grunge has evolved.  It’s still dark and it’s still grunge, but it’s also somehow more polished than it once was.

Maneuvering new age dark grunge is slightly strange, even for the darkest-souled among us, but here’s how to get it done.



Lipstick is a critical part of what makes the dark grunge girl.

So, for those days when you do choose to abandon the natural lip look for something that shouts from the rooftops, you’ll need your [new age] dark grunge shades.  These are, essentially, matte dark red, matte bright red, matte dark purple, matte dark green, matte electric blue, matte dark grey, and matte black.


Don’t be afraid to go metallic: I would recommend dark red, medium red, bright red, turquoise, bright silver, dark silver, gold, dark blue, and dark purple.

Of course, you don’t need all of these shades – but at the very least, always keep a few reds available.

Since it was mentioned previously, promise me that you won’t go for the glossy black lipstick look from back in the day – not only has it expired, but it’s been replaced with something so much better: matte black.

Just don’t do it, okay?



Your eyeliner just needs to be, like, really on point – especially for the dark grunge life.

This means that you’ll need two types of eyeliner: a black liquid eyeliner, to outline your eyes and swipe your wings on (that’s right, cat eyes), and then a creamy, black pencil eyeliner to swipe on top of the line you’ve already drawn on your eyelid.


In my experience, many liquid eyeliners are prone to deterioration as we go through the daily ordeals of human life.  Sometimes, they even completely fade away!  This means that your dark and deadly eye makeup won’t last for too long.

Fortunately, there’s an inexpensive solution: once you’ve completely done your eyeliner in liquid, swipe back over the eyelid and underneath it in the pencil liner to ensure solidity and darkness throughout the day.

In essence, you’re carving out the actual look with liquid liner and you’re securing it with a pencil.  If that black charcoal pencil eyeliner starts to get everywhere while you’re wearing it, just rub the unwanted residue off from the top of your eyelid with your finger or a wipe – it should more or less come off.

Your eyes are all dolled up with the ink of death.  Sweet.  Now what?



I’m writing in eyebrows not only because wholesome eyebrows are insanely on trend right now, but mainly because I’m a firm believer in strong eyebrow game.  Don’t listen to Simon anymore – Ami says that your eyebrows should always demand excellence, and you should always demand excellence from your eyebrows.


Far closer to the topic of dark grunge, well-done eyebrows add an edgy vibe that you really can’t substitute with anything else.

Eyebrows frame the face – whether you want a more traditional, furry eyebrow look (the style I tend to keep) or the sculpted eyebrow trends that are all the rage right now (they may look ever-so-slightly less realistic, but the sharpness is glorious in its own right), both will look absolutely swell with your dark grunge ensemble.

In summary, if you truly want to be a scary or even a semi-scary Mary [as many dark grunge girls do], whip your eyebrows into working order if they’re not there already.

Trust me on this one.



What’s darker than black?  Nothing.  Black and other dark neutrals are the theme here.

Stock up on black [and charcoal] tops if you haven’t already.  Anything you can get your claws on will do the job: dark t-shirts, bro tanks, baggy shirts, crop tops, button-downs, corsets, blouses, etc.


Do you really love a band if that band isn’t printed on your t-shirt?  Probably.  But nothing screams dark grunge like an angsty band t-shirt (extra points if it has a vintage look and feel).  Dig deep into your teen years [or maybe even into your high school wardrobe] and move some bands into your t-shirt rotation.  Classic rock ‘n’ roll bands are always great, and ‘90s ones have vibes from the original grunge movement.  Tees featuring popular bands from the 2000s and 2010s also do the job.

For just a moment here, we’ll chuck out the dark colors rule.  Don’t get too comfortable – we’re only doing this for velvet.  Dainty, metallic, velvet blouses and t-shirts are great additions to any dark grunge outfit.  Maybe it’s because of the twisted fashion irony, or maybe it’s because it simply looks stunning.

Tip: Try the longer velvet tops tucked into high-waisted jeans. 


For a rougher grunge look, try out a denim, military-style, or dark [p]leather jacket over your dark grunge outfit.  These can also be swapped out for flannels on warmer days.  Think rugged, think Nirvana.  These look great over metallic velvet tops (some more of that ironic, yet brilliant, fashion).

If you’re looking for something more polished, dark blazers and trench coats (preferably in black) are the way to go.  This is more of a My Chemical Romance look, and it creates a very suave grunge aesthetic.

Drown them in darkness, darling.



The right skirt will do wonders for your dark grunge guise.  Since it’s 2017, mini, above-the-knee, and just below-the-knee skirts are your best friends.  I personally prefer these in their skater or pencil skirt forms.  Find them in blacks, charcoals, and other dark neutrals to get your grunge vibe across.


Now, let’s get really old school – literally.  That’s right – I’m talking about plaid skirtsPurchase your plaid skirts in darker shades, accompanied with red, grays, greens, blues, and purples, to nail down that gruelingly grungy aura we’re all craving so badly.

Try out the mini and over-the-knee skirts with thigh-high socks, preferably in dark neutral shades.  The plaid skirts will go beautifully with them, but you may have to experiment with some of the other skirts to know which ones mesh well with your snug leg-shields.



boots-147164_960_720.pngAlright, enthusiastically grungy people.  Let’s discuss footwear.

The three go-to shoes for 2017 feminine grunge are the following:  black combat boots, black over-the-knee, lace-up boots, or faded canvas sneakers.

I’d aim for two of these three items, but if you’re on a budget and only want to go with one, get the combat boots.  They’re signature grunge.



Bonus tip: Because you’ve been rad enough to read this entire post [or because you’re just bad to the bone and scrolled straight to the bottom], I’m throwing in an extra tip for you – do what you will with it.  Try contouring your cheeks with a shimmery black, charcoal, or colored metallic shade – it may take a few tries to get it just right or get used to it, but it’ll make your bones pop in a way that absolutely screams invincibility.

Alright, you know what to do.

Keep grunge alive and smolder on.

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