The Armor, the Sword: Leather Pants

It’s been said that leather pants are armor: physically and psychologically.  Are they armor?  Furthermore, I want to know: are they also weapons? Those answers, of course, vary based on the person and their corresponding sentiment.

But at the same time, there’s nothing cooler than leather [or for some of us, pleather] pants.  They’re sleek, they’re tough, they’re adventurous, and they’re chic.  They’re an indispensable fashion staple that will always make any person look satisfyingly dangerous.



That’s why, in my opinion, [p]leather pants are better than a physical and emotional breastplate alone – they’re also a sharp-bladed broadsword.  They give you a one-of-a-kind confidence and edge.  Whether you generally choose to act on your more rampant ideas or not, they make you believe you can dance on the jukebox or soar across the nation on a motorcycle.

So, [p]leather pants give you suave and confidence that you just can’t get from other articles of clothing.  They’re daring without the issue of absolute commitment to all things [p]leather.  Accompany them with a [p]leather top, a silky blouse, or a collared shirt, depending on the circumstances.  Wear them for a night out, a business meeting, or for a Sunday morning brunch.  It doesn’t matter where you wear them; all that matters is how you wear them.

[P]leather pants give you a glimpse into a life that you may not have access to otherwise – they give you a unique sense of coolness that you unknowingly grew a craving for when you watched old movies with all of those classic, ever-smooth, leather-clad characters.

[P]leather pants make you effortlessly edgy.  That’s basically the dream.

So, sure – [p]leather pants may make us seem tougher and defend us from the world.  But maybe they also give us more than that: confidence.  And that’s how they become a weapon as well.

Of course, that’s just how I view them.  Maybe they’re armor for you.  Maybe they’re a sword.  Maybe they’re both.  Maybe they’re neither.  Like I said earlier, it varies from person to person.



Either way, I think we can all agree that [p]leather pants look absolutely phenomenal (Sandy at the end of Grease… I rest my case).  So even if you’re not about to venture into battle, [p]leather pants are still always a viable and clever selection for an endless number of outfits.  They’re striking when accompanied by more [p]leather, casual paired with cotton, stylish under silk, ironically chic when placed side-by-side with frills, etc.

Although [p]leather pants can reflect an aspect of your personality, they don’t have to say everything about you – how you wear them and how you include them in your look is how you tell the world who you are.

No matter what, just remember: you don’t have to act on [p]leather pants — you just have to w-o-r-k them.