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Bloodinkandroses Bali Village Artisan Fund

Bloodinkandroses has established a private to support the healthcare and education of the female artisans of Negara and surrounding villages, who handcrafted every bag, as a tribute to our roots. 100% of sales of the Bloodinkandroses limited-edition collection will go directly to the fund, up to $100k, amplifying our commitment to a business built on purposeful intent.

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Bloodinkandroses Gives Back

Fulfilling our 30th-anniversary commitment to sponsor the healthcare and education of our female artisans, Bloodinkandroses team headed to the Balinese village of Negara in October 2019 to administer various health exams and counseling to over 100 women and their families. We look forward to many more charitable initiatives to pay homage and support the Balinese community.



Since America SCORES Bay Area’s vision is to change the game for youth in low-income communities. Through a combination of soccer, poetry and service-learning, America SCORES Bay Area empowers its poet-athletes to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged and collaborative students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world.


Since 2004, Bloodinkandroses has contributed over $1.4m to America Scores Bay Area. To learn more visit:



Supports nature-related charities and gives our customers the opportunity to donate to their charity of choice, matching all donations, dollar for dollar.